January 29, 2010

Mapped Me (part 2)

(part 1 from last year.)

11:03 pm

eyes: bright
heart: restless, awake
mind: essay (a tale of two cities)
body: energy

I always end up having extra energy in the nights. Definitely a night person.

January 27, 2010

note to self.

"be yourself. everybody else is already taken."
-oscar wilde


January 24, 2010


This past week has been so wild and so much fun at the same time. I am honestly having the time of my life here at home and this month so far has been one of the best ever. You know it's a special kind of happiness when you can't really describe it.

This is what life should always be like.

(photo: header, pre-edit)

January 16, 2010


It rains. It rains for so many days that we lose count. I don't remember the sunshine: I hear wheels slushing through rain, glimpse headlights sliding by. Stare out the windows, watching raindrops.

January 09, 2010

be happy

2010 has been so much of a "re-start" year for me -- the first week of the new year flew by in cleaning everything up so I could start from scratch.

I have still kept my one New Year's (and life) resolution: BE HAPPY.

(also...happy birthday kelli and happy belated birthday erin!)

January 01, 2010


(by Danielle and me)

Welcome to this sweet
and confusing world. It's your first
breath in cold air

sparkling little diamonds
light up the sky with possibilities
the flavors intoxicate, pulling
and whispering futures--
what will you be?

and you fall,
but no one catches you.

lemonade and fragile castles,
they're spun like sugar here.
listening to the orchestra of the world,
while you're tearing apart --

and strings find their way around your
hollow chest, stretching. Theories
you never believed in.

sometimes it's impossible

to not think, sitting under the tree,
swirling colors revealing
in the morning light,
how much things do

And you spin around in circles,
whispering love, love in a prayer

sway with the wind,
chiming whistles painting the hills
just listen, now
trying to catch the moment
before it disappears

The sunshine catches in your hair:

(wave hello now, smile
oh sweet honey with
threads of golden crimson
stream in little waves
this could be you)

Fall into love. Make a

because sometimes it's impossible

to find yourself, without first
becoming a little

Just fly.

watch those sparkling lights
breathing air spiced with life,
knowing that forever changes
as easily as ruffled skirts,
and find truth in that

Don't be afraid.

To me, "Latitude" is about a world of chances. It's about being fearless and jumping, even though you don't know where you'll land. It's about being torn apart and putting yourself together. But mostly, it's about celebrating yourself and who you are as a person.

step one

don't listen to them when they say you're just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world
"change," carrie underwood

happy 2010.