January 28, 2011

that rebel moon is shining

I feel the pulse of breath under
my collarbone, steady --
like the pulse of my steps, tracing a circle in
the grass where I can't find an exit.

Fall down the rabbit hole and I know I'll find you
when you land.

January 15, 2011

and the time is now

image credit: http://www.democracycellproject.org/
After doing a sliver of research yesterday for a Spanish essay, all I can say is: thank you to the American Congress for dedicating a holiday to such an inspirational man, and it's an honor to live in a county dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(on a side note: Similar to what my sister wrote a handful of days ago, I won't be blogging for about a week. Studying for and taking seven finals in the course of five days will really wipe a person out, I expect.)

January 07, 2011

just like a dream to me.

the old wicker chairs out on the back porch
sing sweet home louisiana,
catching and filtering sticky-sweet sunlight.
you throw a few wilted roses back out into the yard
-- the same color as the tomatoes
growing by the side of the house --
and turn to the window,
you watch the light catch in the colors
of the empty mason jars on the windowsill and
turn red and blue and orange.
laughter and a smile drift by, darting
like fireflies.

January 06, 2011


I hope you all are having an incredible new year. I know that for me, the starting of 2011 has been more than just the change of a digit at the end of the date. It has meant something so much more: a new beginning, a new opportunity, a world of chances.

I'm hoping to share my poetry a lot more this year, something I think I did miserably on in 2010. I'll try to post more "snapshots" and more of my own poetry on this blog as well as submit to online journals and magazines, something I've struggled with a lot in the past because of my perfectionism when it comes to my poems.

I also just want to stick to the resolution I've tried to keep for the past two years: be happy. That's all there really is to life, if you think about it -- everything traces back to happiness. If you're happy, that's all you'll ever need. I'm putting on a positive attitude and taking things in stride. I've learned life's not long enough for you to get worked up or upset about anything. Even if something might seem life-shattering, it's just a test of how strong you are. (Think about it that way. :) ) So, if you will, join me this year in staying happy. As long as you know God's on your side and you're alive, you should be happy.

And that's it for my goals for this year. What are some of your thoughts and hopes for the double-one?