April 14, 2012


Under the fading peach of the sky,
buildings glimmer
with ochre shadows:

the color of late-night visits to the diner
and sweet, sticky air.

City falling into delirious semi-sleep,
we collect fireflies in our hands
and feel the rustle of wings
against our fragile palms.

The lady in the striped apron
wipes down the counter,
mopping days of grime onto her towel.

Open your hands
and watch dancing lights
fade into fluorescence.

April 09, 2012

Just a thought

It's interesting to note how quickly the world moves. Before you can get settled into one thing, you've moved on to the next big craze, and companies crash and burn before you can say "MySpace." I started blogging in 2006, and for the next three or four years, blogs were the main way to get and share information. Now, though, the people I know who used to visit blogs often (including myself) have switched over to Facebook. Social networking is the way to go.

I think this says a lot about how temporary everything is. Every new product gets its 15 minutes of fame (or shame) before fading into the black hole of forgotten fads. Even the things that you think are popular, that you spend your money on, that you waste hours on...who's going to care five years down the road?