July 31, 2011

What I loved about July

Independence Day fireworks. Quirky passengers on the public buses. Walking around a beautiful college campus. Whipping out turtlenecks and jeans while the rest of the country is sizzling hot. Planning a vacation. Laughing with my mom. Playing Kinect for hours on end with my sister. Biking on a river trail. Sunsets. Sleeping late and waking up late. Obsessively cleaning up my room. Wandering around downtown Seattle. Eating up to six nectarines a day. Writing a story. Watching the final Harry Potter. Rereading and rereading the Harry Potter books. Reminding myself irresistibly of Petunia Dursley when I wipe down the bathroom counter twice a day. Loving my family. Laughing so hard I cry. Living.

credit where credit's due: photo credit.

July 04, 2011

those stars burn like diamonds.

Here are some snapshots of what I've been seeing around for the past couple of months. The weather has been gorgeous! Hope you're having a wonderful summer.


Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July. Hope it's a good one!