July 28, 2010


Many years ago, I wrote a story with the characters and setting of the Harry Potter books. While rereading this 206-page, still-unfinished story recently, I found this. :)

“Oh, it’s you,” Hermione replied. “I’ve been up since three rereading the question sheet and trying to find the answer. I’ve also gone to the library almost eight times and I still can’t find the answer to question twelve.”

“Let me look.” Harry peered at question twelve.

Question #12: How did the Sorting Hat come to be?

“Hermione! I expected you to know this! The Sorting Hat came from Godric Gryffindor! He took his hat and put brains in it!”

July 27, 2010


We're going on vacation very soon! While I'm gone, as I said before, you will see a couple of scheduled posts, so please do swing back around and check that out. I will probably post very little if at all from now until I get back...

So until then, have a great summer!

July 20, 2010

Summer days

(first photo by my sister; second photo taken by me. editing done by me. click for large.)

July 18, 2010

You know you're from Washington

From the "You know you are from Washington when..." Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2210864929):

God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day.
He inquired of God, "Where have you been?"
God sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction, and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."
Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"
"It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put Life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a great place of balance."
"Balance?" inquired Michael, still confused.
God explained, pointing to different parts of the earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over there I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things."
God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."
The Archangel, impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land area and said, "What's that one?"
"Ah," said God. "That's Washington State, the most glorious place on Earth. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, plains, and coulees. The people from Washington State are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to be found traveling the world. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, and they will be known throughout the world as diplomats, and carriers of peace."
Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then proclaimed, "What about balance, God? You said there would be balance."
God smiled and said, "There is another Washington...wait until you see the idiots I put there."


July 16, 2010

New look!

I've officially remodeled my blog! There has been so much work and time put into this remodel, and it has taken me days to finally come up with a product that I love and am proud of!

This blog will also feature slightly different content next month! I am so excited because I will be in Orlando the second week of August, and I will have many many fun stories to tell once I get back. To keep you busy reading while I'm gone, I hope to have a couple of scheduled posts, so keep an eye out for that!

I hope you like the new look; thank you for being so patient and for being a reader!

July 15, 2010

Your type

What kind of person are you? Go to http://www.41q.com/ and take their personality test if you haven't already, then let me know. I find such things fascinating.

I'm a "dreamy idealist."

Quiet, reflective and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.

Careers that could fit you include:

Writers, artists, counselors, social workers, English teachers, fine arts teachers, child care workers, clergy, missionaries, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, political activists, editors, education consultants, journalists, religious educators, social scientists.

Who are you?

July 10, 2010

Today's kind of summer

Capris and shorts,
lemonade in the refrigerator.

Yellow heat spins us
towards cups of ice water
as we drown in waves of sun.

July 05, 2010


cerulean water
wipes the bodies
of laughing people
(ages 5 and 6, beginners'
swim class at the pool)
and flutters past
(like a crayon drawing
now alive)

July 04, 2010

July 01, 2010

Cirque du Soleil's "KOOZA"

If there were one word to describe this show, it would be something like "incredible" or "amazing," but that wouldn't just be enough. You'd have to add phrases like "unlike any other" or "refreshingly exciting." Because that's what the show was: all of these words coming together and creating an out-of-this-world blend of acrobatics and fearlessness.

You come away from the show in awe of these performers' talent and sheer boldness. Some acts keep you on the edge of your seat, hoping the performers stay alive and don't fall and break their necks; other sections of the show are beautiful and so fluidly enchanting; and others are pure comedy and slapstick humor that you can't help but laugh at.

There is one common thread throughout the whole show, though: a celebration of world cultures and an acceptance of every performer up there onstage. KOOZA was without a doubt a culmination of many nations, with music and costumes reflecting different languages and ways of life. And through all of the diversity, there was a deep love for acrobatics and performance that you could sense in the air and in the performers' bodies.

It was worth every cent of the ticket price, and I feel so lucky to have been able to go. It's one of those shows where, as soon as it's over, you want it to start all over again.