January 07, 2011

just like a dream to me.

the old wicker chairs out on the back porch
sing sweet home louisiana,
catching and filtering sticky-sweet sunlight.
you throw a few wilted roses back out into the yard
-- the same color as the tomatoes
growing by the side of the house --
and turn to the window,
you watch the light catch in the colors
of the empty mason jars on the windowsill and
turn red and blue and orange.
laughter and a smile drift by, darting
like fireflies.


Apoorva Chowdhary said...

Beautiful. :)

Julia said...

glad to see you back.

Danielle said...

carrie underwood inspired? ;)

Maya Ganesan said...

@Apoorva + Julia, thank you. :)

@Danielle: Nope. :) The post title is from 'When I Look At You' (the theme song for "The Last Song") & the poem itself was inspired by someone's Flickr stream. :)

Suma Subramaniam said...

How lovely Maya!

Keep writing.