November 24, 2008

Five Happy Addictions

1. Music

2. Books - especially good ones!

3. New clothes (don't you love the smell of brand-new clothes?)

4. Cities with bright lights at night (Do I live in one? Hmm...I've never checked.)

5. Friends - the kind that make you smile :)

What are your happy addictions?


Priya said...

Some of my happy addictions are candy, cakes, cookies, and basically anything else that is sweet.

Odessa said...

books, definitely. Jason Mraz, Belle and Sebastian, Zero 7. indie films. ice cream, i think everybody knows i will do anything for ice cream.

p.s. i'm exercising restraint with "new clothes". can't really afford them right now :)

January said...

Good poetry, great music, kisses, children's laughter, and hot tea with lemon.

New clothes is definitely #6 on my list.