October 31, 2009

busy busy busy around the clock

It's been rainy/cloudy/gray lately, but it's a very pretty sky. On a happier note, the sunshine is back today -- it's gorgeous. The leaves are a beautiful orange-red color; the outdoors look so October-crisp and just right. I love weather like this, where it's not too cold and not too warm.

Another thing I love is that tomorrow is my blogging anniversary. I have a surprise planned, and of course it involves poetry. Later this week, Erin and I will be sharing another very special (and very cool) surprise, and it's going to be so much fun. You're going to love it, and I'm so excited to post it up.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


Priya said...

Happy Halloween!

Holly said...

Oh...well that's intriguing.

Erin said...

yay us. ;)

emily said...

Happy halloween!