November 18, 2009


But don't turn away
from the city, from the dragon-smoke
from the kind old folk
stay, just one more day.
Don't leave my heart, under,
don't leave me wondering
because I can't see why
you think it's over.

This is what happens when you all put your heads together. Beautiful, isn't it? Thank you to Debbie, Kelli, Kirthi, Q, Danielle, Erin, Priya, and Myrna for participating!

eta: There was a flurry of comments after the final date. Unfortunately, I will not be adding them in, as they don't fall within the span of four days I set aside for the poem. Thank you for participating, but they aren't part of the poem. (This applies to all entries after the deadline for every collaborative poem I do in the future as well.) 


Q said...

I like the subtle rhyming.

Cassandra said...

Oh poo, I missed it again. I love the line about dragon-smoke, though. These collaborative poems are so much fun to read!

Debbie Barr said...

These are so fun!

Erin said...

it reminds me of janet lee carey's book, 'stealing death' :)

Kirthi said...

It sounds amazing put together, these collaborative poems are so fun! It's amazing how it turned out.

Beth Kephart said...

dragon smoke.... dreamy

Emma said...

Darn, I missed this one. It turned out lovely though! Collab poems are so fun.