December 02, 2009


Swing by Danielle's blog today to wish her a very happy birthday! She's turning seventeen. She interviewed me at her former blog, Seeking Neverland, and she's an all-around fun person. I have to meet her in person.

I sent her an e-mail last night that encompassed everything I had to say with Taylor Swift song titles. She's a huge fan, and I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect way to write her a birthday greeting. So here it is. [Happy birthday, Danielle.]

Dear Danielle,

Happy birthday! I hope today turns out to be THE BEST DAY of your life. You are a SUPERSTAR who will continue to shine, FOREVER AND ALWAYS. You have A PLACE IN THIS WORLD that is very special, and you are a beautiful girl who is TIED TOGETHER WITH A SMILE and will never come undone. You are going to CHANGE the world -- and you'll never be left on THE OUTSIDE.

OH MY MY MY, you are so inspirational and fun! We'll meet someday and sing OUR SONG together. JUMP THEN FALL into a life that holds nothing but happiness on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR, because you are so incredible that you are UNTOUCHABLE. LAST CHRISTMAS I met you online, and I'm so glad I did. YOU'RE NOT SORRY for who you are, and that's one of the most amazing and fun things about you. You have A PERFECTLY GOOD HEART, and your life will only get CRAZIER with success.

So happy birthday, FEARLESS girl. STAY BEAUTIFUL.



Danielle said...

Maya, you're amazing. This made my day and I've been telling my friends about it :)

Thank you so much!

Holly said...

You're such a hardcore fan.

Erin said...

aww that is the sweetest email ever! I love it!

and I can't believe you guys haven't met yet, when you live so close....

Danielle said...

^ Cuileann- me? ;)

Maya Ganesan said...

Danielle: you are so welcome. I hope you had a fantastic birthday and have an amazing year :)

cuileann: ;) Danielle is, yes.

Erin: me neither! We have to meet sometime.