February 07, 2010

metal flowers and broken glass.

I'm breathing underground.
Find me.


We build branches out of
train tickets and forgotten
pieces of a life.


We are robots with souls.


Sometimes I find a few lines in my head that are perfect together but don't really belong in any poem or don't fit in any of my in-progress pieces. I really like the lines above and can't put them anywhere, so they'll be their own poem for now, I guess.

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Julia said...

This is very abstract. I love it.

Odessa said...

love the line about us being robots. and thought of dana immediately :)

Erin said...

this works as a poem. i love it.

jessie carty said...

i think that robot one could really be expanded :) whenever i have a line i really like but can't seem to put it into a poem i usually try writing a form like a sestina or something to see what happens.

emily said...

great lines!

Uptin said...

i enjoyed this

Beth Kephart said...

I agree with Erin.

And what an image!

geekspawn said...

"we are robots with souls"

You don't need any words to go with that, in my opinion. They don't need anything else. Gave me the shivers just reading them.
I love this.

Edge said...

Ditto geekspawn. That line intrigues and scares me.