March 31, 2010

NaPoWriMo: Get ready!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! To get you prepared and all ready - with plenty of prompts and fabulous bloggers who will be struggling through it with you, of course - here are some links to peruse during April for tips, exercises, prompts, and to connect with a community of fearless people who are in on the challenge. This will also be in the sidebar for quick reference throughout the month.

Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer at Writer's Digest (daily posted prompts)
Twitter Magnets**
Book of Kells: 30 New Poetry Prompts (a list you can consult throughout the month)

*ReadWritePoem is creating an anthology at the end of the month consisting of poems that poets choose to submit from their April portfolio. If you don't write a poem each day - make sure you take the RWP pledge first at - but you still end up with 30 poems because you play a little catch-up, then you will be able to enter in a raffle for some gently-used poetry collections. RWP is also packing up its bags and leaving after the NaPoWriMo challenge, so you might consider stopping by and taking a look around the site and its social networking features (which will be disabled May 1) before it's dismantled.

**Twitter Magnets isn't a community at all. It's something that exists year-round, and it's helped me with my writing on quite a few occasions that I decided it was worth entering here as a little extra push if necessary. I won't tell you exactly what it is - you'll have to visit the site yourself to figure it out - but it's a little drag-and-drop Twittery fun.

I'm so excited for NaPoWriMo...I will be posting all my poems here daily but whisking quite a few of them off (after a day-ish) into invisibility so I can tune them up - in other words, make them utterly unrecognizably fantastic - for submission to magazines.

Happy poeming!


Kirthi said...

Glad your doing NaPoWriMo with me! April is going to be epic :D

Edge said...

Ooh, yay! :)

Priya said...

Thank you for the links! I'm sure that the poetry prompts are going to be really useful.

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

I"ve already posted my poem for today!

Jessie Carty said...

yay! i started my first NaPoWriMo project of posting a poem on my blog that was retired and then during the week I'll keep trying to revise it to see if it is salvageable!

let's get out there and poem :)