March 01, 2010

a note

Comment moderation is temporarily in effect here. It's kind of annoying, I know, but I've started getting floods of spam comments (about fifteen every two or three days).

It's been happening for a while now; I even enabled the word verification, but somehow the commenters are getting past that roadblock. Hopefully comment moderation will help to block off the spam and I'll be able to disable moderation soon, but for now, it's the best defense I've got.

I'll be back to blogging again very soon.


Ruefle said...

Your blog is a pleasure to read...I hope you post more soon!
I'm sorry about the spam...:/

Beth Kephart said...

oh, I've had this, too. I'm so sorry you are swamped like this. Take a little break. Get your own work done. Find a new rhythm. We'll all be here when you return.

James Warwick said...

spam? im new and ive like never seen it?

Maya Ganesan said...

James: that's because I go through and delete each spam comment. It's really frustrating.

Adora Svitak said...

I had to enable comment moderation and a word verification tool on my blog, too; the spam comments were just getting too frequent and annoying.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog post, by the way! The TED conference was amazing.