May 13, 2010

5 weeks!

I'm summer-bound! In exactly 5 weeks I will be free to waste a perfectly good two and a half months. Sounds like fun, right?

As the weekend approaches, and I get down to work fixing up the failures and not-so-failures of April's poem-a-day challenge, here are some quick things:

1. My website was remodeled and has been up and running since April 26, and you're very welcome to stop on by and check it out. It looks really lovely now, with a news section, updated press section, updated/refurbished/improved bio, updated homepage, and updated events page. Long story short, the whole thing has been revamped. And I love it.

2. I'm going to be in the ReadWritePoem NaPoWriMo anthology! Yay! I believe the anthology is due out late May, and it's so great to be a part of the "final tribute" kind of thing for such a wonderful site.

3. Erin posted a video of a beautiful cover of "Paparazzi," and it's worth the listen.

4. This weekend, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open -- as I always do, but moreso now -- especially in accordance with Big Tent Poetry's weekly prompt. Of course, the prompt is for us to link our pieces tomorrow, but I think I'll use the prompt to propel me into next week. Try listening a little more intently and see what you find. It's really very neat.

5. SUNSHINE in Washington. Summer is coming!


Julia said...

Congrats on the anthology. You deserve it.

Erin said...

Congrats on the anthology!! That's super.

Maya Ganesan said...

@Julia & Erin: Thanks!

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

Glad about the anthology! I have four half days until my summer freedom!

Jessie Carty said...

Congrats on the anthology and the updated site looks great :)