September 19, 2010


The incredible TEDxRedmond event was held yesterday in Redmond, WA, and it was really just astounding. I was so honored and so proud to be a part of it, as a speaker and as a planning committee member.

I've never been asked for my autograph before, and it was amazing and so humbling for me to be able to sign people's programs and books. I was overwhelmed entirely by the recognition that people gave me -- in one instance, I was just walking down the hall to get a Sprite (I don't drink soda too much, but my throat was hurting a little and the sugar felt good) and someone tried to high-five me. Not realizing that he was holding out his hand for me to hit, I walked past him and he turned to look back, somewhat offended. (I was quick to apologize :) )

People would walk up to me and say really positive things and everyone was so supportive and did a wonderful job! I was impressed by every single person's speech and students in attendance told me that they were so captivated by each speech that they couldn't focus on anything else. 

It was such a success; it was entertaining, we had a fabulous dinner, lots of pictures were taken, I got to do some interviews, and, very excitingly, I got to touch an actual segment of the Berlin Wall. Kind of random, I know, but Microsoft actually houses a fairly large piece of the Berlin Wall at their conference center, where the event was held.

There were so many famous people there and so much talent housed in one room that I'm sure many people did feel insignificant (I know I did occasionally). But overall, I think people -- both the students and their parents, who sat outside of the main theater in separate rooms, watching a live stream -- came away from the event feeling like they could make a difference, feeling really inspired, and feeling positive about a future where they could make it big and where they could really do something to change the world.

That was our goal. And I think we reached it in a very successful way, without glitches or hitches of any sort. And as for me, I walked away completely starstruck. 


Erin said...

that sounds amazing :)

Unknown said...

what publisher did you use for your book, and did you use an agent (if so, what company)? Thanks (I really don't mean to be nosy, sorry)