November 29, 2010

Elvis the king.

My sister and I wrote this story back and forth over e-mail together last month and had so much fun doing it! Priya suggested I share it here, and I'm glad she it is. :)

Each person's words are in a different color -- guess who wrote which part! (Forgive the red and green...I clearly have Christmas on the brain.)

"Why, yes," said the dog, smiling. It took a bite out of its banana and threw the rest at the king's feet. "Would you like to share some with me?"

"'Fraid not," the king replied solemnly. "Bananas give me the wiggles."

"That's too bad," the dog mewed. "Bananas are the most delicious. I eat them day and night, and I never get wiggles."

"But scones give you the wiggles," reminded the king.

"Sir, I've a-just met you!" exclaimed the dog. "Scones might give other dogs the wiggles, but I'm a pretty special dog."

"Really," said the king skeptically. "Well, all the other dogs I've seen have gotten wiggles when they eat scones."

"How many dogs have you fed scones to?!" cried out the dog in shock and horror. Scones were NOT GOOD for a dog's digestive system! (He'd had to learn that lesson first-hand.)

"All of them," replied the king calmly.

"Dog-killer!" yelled the dog. His shout echoed throughout the land.

"OMG," muttered the king sarcastically. He tore off his kingly attire to reveal a glittery gold pantsuit. He took off his wig and crown and revealed slicked-back hair.

He was...


"You ain't nothing but a hound dog!" he sang.

"I'm not a hound dog!" the dog retorted, severely offended. "I hope you know that."

"All dogs are hound dogs in my world!" Elvis said.


Priya said...

Haha, I still smile everytime I read this.

Apoorva Chowdhary said...

heehee that's funny. But it is a good short story... :D

Danielle said...

You girls are great. :)

Erin said...

this made me laugh. ahahaha.