May 16, 2012

Collaboration 3

I love doing collaborative poems, and I especially loved doing this with the fabulous Holly of Eating a Tangerine. We wanted to do something less structured than poetry, but still with a flow to it -- something that maybe felt more like a train of thought. Here's our attempt. Enjoy!

May Day:
lights turned to heartbeats in the
night-wide ceiling...

inexplicable dead flower petals on the floor when I wake.


breath of a cold memory,
falling across my lips --
& outside, the world slips by:
broken photo frames, shattered laugh,


dead roses and facts, a childish
axe before I park my own

head in some liquid


the air is cold
but i do not
b r e a t h e

i blush daydrops into the windows
of cars as i pass by:
destruction part deux.


and all lean with lowered lids
our faces into
the sun


searching for something
else behind light
erasing shadows
from the corners of our eyes


late light running along behind the trees,
behind the train's windows.
"I've never ridden this train before dark before."
my fingertips here under your eyes are words. I promise.
(tastes something like soju,)
promise me you'll listen, tired as you are.


a story behind this madness.
leave the glitter behind and open the window,
the wind is a free child tangling our hair.


in the atlantic -- am I
swallowed by the sea
or wearing it?


the neon lights dance,
spreading into a wasteland of
gold and silver.


under a canopy of electric
lights and
skirts, reading and rereading,
for the memories my eyelids carry,
A Prayer In Time Of Trouble


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking (:
Great job!

Atta Rehman said...

well nice saying great job
Polished concrete sydney

Maya Ganesan said...

Thank you both!