December 17, 2008


A Mermaid Questions God

As a girl, she hated the grain of anything
on her fins. Now she is part fire ant, part centipede.
Where dunes stretch into pathways, arteries appear.
Her blood pressure is temperature plus wind speed.

Where religion is a thousand miles of coastline,
she is familiar with moon size, with tide changes.
She wears the cream of waves like a vestment,
knows undertow is imaginary, not something to pray to.

Now her questions involve fairytales, begin
in a garden and lead to hands painted on a chapel’s ceiling.
She wants to hold the ribbon grass, the shadow of angles
across the shore. She steals a Bible from the Seahorse Inn;

she will trust it only if it floats.

~Kelli Russell Agodon


I posted this up here because it has got to be my absolute favorite poem in the world. It blew me away the first time I read it - Kelli's work is amazing.



Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...


Thank you for sharing my poem. I'm so glad you like it. Many people have told me this is a favorite poem of theirs. I wish I could remember what inspired it for me.

And on another note, how did you get your blog to "snow" !! that is too cool!

Happy snow day to you!

Odessa said...

i love this poem! the last line is perfect, just perfect!

Holly said...

What a beautiful and interesting poem. Thank you for posting it!