December 20, 2008

Saturday Update

Snow again. This time, with fierce wind.

We managed to do our holiday shopping on ice yesterday, around nine pm. We returned from Borders at ten. Between wrapping presents, I'm blogging.

I've still not found gifts for everyone on my list. I've only covered two - well, three, depending on whether you consider "parents" as one person or not. I'm kind of worried as to whether people are going to be all-over-the-place excited about what I'm giving them or if they'll be pretending to like their presents. I know for a fact that my sister's going to love her gifts this year and that makes me super-happy already.

I returned to writing a couple of days ago, after letting my poems fall to the ground limp for a few weeks. I'm so, so close to finishing up one of my earlier-written, still-unfinished poems, tentatively titled "Negative Four Hundred" (I'm so in love with that title). The ending just isn't quite there yet.

I'm writing surrounded by ribbon, gift bags, wrapped presents inside Borders bags ;) , scissors, and a bunch of giftwrap. A constant reminder that I've got to get back to my original plan - wrapping presents.


Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

I wish it would snow here!


Sherry said...

I just realized you had me linked! Thank you~
Can't wait to read that poem. Keep up the writing, you are talented.
Merry Christmas!

Odessa said...

have a happy holidays! and good for you for writing amidst all things christmas-y. i could never do it. hehe.

p.s. you're only 11? and you have a poetry book out already. wow.

Maya Ganesan said...

Sherry & Odessa - thank you so, so much!