February 26, 2009

10 Honest Things

A tag from Q.

Ten honest things about me:

1. I'm really good with fonts. Show me a font, and I can tell you what it is. This is one of those strange, weird, but surprisingly useful talents of mine.

2. I don't like writing formally. I can do it, and bear it sometimes, but I don't like sincerelys very much.

3. I think friends are royally amazing.

4. I apologize (even if it's meaningless) a lot. (Possible influence for book title?)

5. I love raw vegetables -- lettuce, green bell peppers, snap peas...I could go on for a long long time.

6. I am really slow at compiling the response for this tag.

7. Good books put me in a good mood. Usually, that good mood isn't broken at all until the next morning.

8. I personally find this layout to be super-attractive. As well as that post on bread. :)

9. I'm too critical of myself when I'm writing prose. I'll criticize every word and make sure it sounds okay. I've gotten better at it now, but I still do it way too much. That's probably why it takes me forever to write prose...but when I edit as I go along, I'm always happy with what I've written.

10. Over the last few months, I've become skilled in the art of chatting-with-more-than-one-person-simultaneously.


Q said...


Anonymous said...

#10 is an indispensable skill, I have found. :)

Maya Ganesan said...

*smiles back at Q*

Summermoon -- oh yes...it certainly is.

Holly said...

4 - Ooh...

Maya Ganesan said...