February 10, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I have still not finished my tag for Priya. So sorry! I've actually been stepping around it, since I'm not a fan of tags and memes, but I will finish this one up for you.


I haven't been posting much, just things about my book lately. I promise that I'll wrap all the book stuff up with a huge (unfortunately) post about it. I have so much to say/reflect on it.

I'm feeling bad that I've only posted six times in February. One of my goals for 09 was posting more, and I did it in January, but haven't been doing so much in February.


Dear Blog,

I have not deserted you. I promise to post more often...


I'm having a really really bad day. Again. First it was I'm-not-feeling-too-good (last Tuesday), this week it's I'm-having-a-terrible-day. Once more, let me hand out the promises. I will not be so depressed anymore. :)


You'll have noticed that I was switching around my blog colors...blue, red...and I will stick with red for a while. "A while" means about half a year.


Everyone who has commented on my blog -- you are AWESOME. Comments cheer me up. Seriously.


I've gotten past my writer's block by not looking at my laptop and just forcing myself to put pen to paper. It works. I've written another poem (thankfully!) after a long sojourn of writer's block. Phew.


It's snowing. Not a confession, I know, but something I'm so excited about. I love it.


Holly said...

Ah, congratulations on conquering your writer's block!

Q said...

I love comments!

Odessa said...

maya, glad you got your mojo back! now i'm off to find mine :)

Maya Ganesan said...

cuileann -- thanks!

Q -- oh, you too? :) Does an I Heart Comments club sound good?

Odessa -- best of luck!