March 31, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I'm really addicted to Jolly Ranchers. Especially grape-flavored ones. They might just be my new favorite candy. (Frankly, I'm not a candy person. Jolly Ranchers just appeal to me for some weird reason.) I'm sure no one really knows this about me.


If I'm slow on posting up your tags/memes, it's because I truly am slow at posting such things. It also means that it's on my to-do list and it'll be coming along soon. (Promise.)


Sometimes I think I'm absolutely crazy to believe that I can actually write a poem every day in April. Other times, I don't. But I know it isn't impossible, which means that if I really want to, I can do it.

Is it just me?


I confess that this is a short confession, that it is getting late. That I've been waiting for NaPoWriMo with more enthusiasm than anything else.


Q said...

I love Jolly Ranchers, especially when they get thin enough to bend them in your mouth. Yum.

Are you going to post every poem that you write or just your best ones?

Cassandra said...

I choked on a Jolly Rancher in eighth grade and couldn't breathe for a bit, so I tend to stay away from those now. xD

Good luck on NaPoWriMo! I have no doubt that you'll be able to do it.

Holly said...

I am excited for NaPoWriMo too!

Emily Ruth said...

I'm sad I didn't hear about NaPoWriMo until I decided on scriptfrenzy :( But I think it will be fun... good luck!

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

Jolly Ranchers.....Want to know a secret, Maya? *i can't eat them* Anyway, good luck on your poetry! Right now, I don't have time for a good poem. I just can't swallow up any good words either...

angela hardison said...

Mmmmm Jolly Ranchers are yummy. Unfortunately I love just about every type of candy.

January said...

Haven't had a Jolly Rancher in years. I'm partial to Gobstoppers myself.

Good luck with NaPoWriMo! I've done it for three years and managed to write several good first drafts each time.