March 24, 2009


Since I haven't done Confession Tuesday in forever, I'm finally going to do it again now.

I attempted a vlog of my bookshelf yesterday, but like all other vlogs I've tried to do, it didn't turn out too good. (Maybe because my shelf was tilting...)


Writing has been awfully slow. I'm pretty dry on ideas, so I've got lots of drafts, but I'm hoping that April and NPWM will help me get back on track with my poems again.


The poll closes soon, so be sure to vote if you haven't yet. I'll definitely use that feedback to improve the blog. Thank you for participating! I'm so glad I put it up there, because I've been dying to know for a while now. I figured a poll would be the best way to find out.


I'm also going to try to post more...and when April comes along I'll be posting a lot of writing-related things. Maybe more poems; I'm not sure right now, but you'll see more posts.


I'm relieved that I finally posted for Confession Tuesday. I've been feeling so guilty lately that it keeps slipping my mind, but I will do it more often now. I'm shooting for every Tuesday. And next time, I hope I will have something more confessional to confess.


Emily Ruth said...

I've never heard of confession tuesday, but I must say it is very interesting!

-post a vlog. just post it! They're always so much fun to watch! And if you look silly, don't worry. I'll just have a good laugh :)

-I was going to do NPWM, but I decided on ScriptFrenzy instead. I need work on my dialogue :\ heh.

-YES post more. more. more. more.

Odessa said...

yeah, you're joining NaPoWriMo too! i was an early drop-out last year so i'm really hoping that i'll get it right this time.

Maya Ganesan said...

Emily Ruth - nah, not this time, because, quite honestly, my shelf was a mess. And tilting. And on the verge of total destruction. So now that it's fixed, I will re-film the vlog.

New post up!

Odessa - givin' it a shot this year...

January said...

No guilt about confessing--that's a rule!

The vlog is hard to do. None of us are really comfortable in front of a camera. But I hope you'll read a poem on video on April 1 for National Poetry Month. And I'm glad you're doing NaPoWriMo.

Q said...

Yes! Post a vlog.

Maya Ganesan said...

January - I'm going to try. I'm very uploading-challenged, so we'll see how *that* goes as well. I'll probably ask for help on that, though. :)

Q - we'll see about that. I will try.