April 11, 2009

NaPoWriMo #11

The way the first eleven days of NaPoWriMo have gone:

  • have fun all day
  • wait until it's getting late
  • worry about NaPoWriMo poem
  • thumb through flickr
  • search for any prompt/writing exercise
  • find something
  • throw a poem together
  • run to bed


Breakfast at Starbucks

Next morning, breakfast
is a quiet affair at Starbucks. It's
a cappucino and a cookie.
It's me sitting in a rainy chair
by the window, breathing in
the flavorful smell of coffee,
editing poems while
jazz rolls through the air softly.
It's the chocolate on my napkin
and me wishing you were here.


Beth Kephart said...

And of course I want to know: who is the who?


January said...

Happy Easter! Your poems are wonderful. Love reading through them.

Your first 11 days is very similar to mine!

Priya said...

Nice descriptions! I can almost smell the coffee.

Maribeth said...

I like the poem, of course.

And your "new" blog look, considering I haven't been on here in ages...

Mary Lee said...

I'm wondering what the Flickr picture was!

Odessa said...

Very atmospheric --love it! You are such a good NaPoWriMoer Maya. Great job!