April 26, 2009

NaPoWriMo #26

Only four days left! This was the hardest of all the NaPo poems (so far) to write, and on days like this I'm thankful April's nearly over. Other days, I wish I was so disciplined to write like this during the rest of the year.


At eleven p.m.
she turns off her porch light
and lingers

in the dark of her window,
watching purple rain fall
in the glow of her lamp.

I probably have your address
somewhere on a scrap of paper
but I don't want to find it.

It is a quiet dusk
and she can only share it
with the walls.

copyright Maya Ganesan, 2009


Sarah Anne said...

Very nice.

Erin said...


Beth Kephart said...

And who is she...?

January said...

Very nice!

I wish I could be more consistent with my writing. I'm going to try for a poem a week for the rest of the year.

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem. I love the last stanza

Sherry said...

Nice work, Maya. I'm having fun catching up on your poetry.