May 26, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I haven't done confessions in so long, so I'm jumping back on the train.

I've been kind of sicky/tired/feeling awful these past two weeks so I had to skip school camp this week -- in other words, it means that I'm off till Monday. While I can't say I'll be up and about the whole time, this virus shouldn't stop me from putting together submissions and the beginnings of a manuscript.

I searched journals on the web that accept electronic submissions using that list that's been going around (I can't find the url now, but it's very helpful) and there are two that look really good. Unfortunately their reading periods end June 1st and I doubt I'm going to have enough work to submit to those two. Unless I can turn this week into "cram time" and writewritewrite and submitsubmitsubmit. I need to pick up on my submitting so badly.

I've been trying to spend less and less time online since I'm a computer junkie, but it's kind of hard to break old habits. Unfortunately, being on the computer doesn't exactly translate to much productivity.

What I have been doing on the comp is preparing for a December layout change. I switched layouts every few days in February and March, so I've decided that I'm going to change the look annually. I'm really pleased with the template and once I've finished some more tweaking I'll be done with it. I can't wait for the end of the year.

We've been having some gorgeous warm weather here and I got to wake up every morning during the long weekend to sunshine through the blinds. Sweetens every day. It has been so darn warm and pretty that it's actually kind of depressing when we get the old clouds again. They're family friends. We've seen them too many times.

And then, on a completely random note, I discovered my addiction to cucumbers and lettuce. I've always loved them, but when you don't have them for a while you realize how much you adore them.

This is probably my longest confession ever. It's babbly, but I guess confessions are sometimes of that nature anyway.


Q said...

I love cucumbers! And there are much worse things to be addicted to, so good for you, choosing cukes and lettuce.

Luck on all your submitting pursuits!

Odessa said...

yay for sunny days! i love sunbeams coming through the blinds too. and cucumbers. hope you feel better soon!

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

Hi Maya! I have the same computer addiction problem too!

Sarah Anne said...


Maya Ganesan said...

Bookgirl -- ha, but seriously, I live off the comp. I email myself everything from things to do, birthdays to remember, poem notes, fave sites, song stanzas, and travel plans. And I've folders of docs containing similar things in my laptop. It's crazy. There's a lot more than that, actually.

If my Internet crashes or the power goes out, I'm pretty lonely, trust me.

Beth Kephart said...

Submissions are hard, and I haven't done them myself for years.

But that yes that you will get — it will make it all worth it.

Holly said...

Cucumbers are a little bit magical, I think.

Your way, to the north, I'm beaming vibes of shhh because you will be wonderful and your life good even if you don't get everything done now that you want to do.

Edge said...

Hmmm, cucumbers...interesting. I haven't tried them in ages. Confessions are meant to be rambly, by the way ;-) That is the point of them, I think.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I hope you're feeling better!

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...

I finally have new posts on my blog! Yay!