June 06, 2009


I promise I'm still alive. And kicking. But very busy.

I'll confess shamelessly that I didn't know what to blog about and thought that silence would somehow give me something to say. Truth: it didn't. I figured that shushing for over a week requires a much-needed post.

So. I was reading Apologies (I know it's kind of funky to read your own book, but that's okay) and realizing that tomorrow marks the four-month birthday of my sweet little collection. That's remarkable. It's still so surreal to hear the phrase "your book, your book" over and over, being repeated through the house in conversations. Wow. Just...wow.

Speaking of books, I found this brilliant talk from Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) through January's blog. It's really lovely. If you've got twenty minutes to spare, this is one of the best ways to spend that time. Gilbert is funny, interesting, and engaging. She's truly a treasure to listen to.

What I love about the blogosphere (and being back in it!) is that it's like one of those loot bags you get after a birthday party. It's so full of goodies. There are so many amazing things to discover in the corners if you just look hard enough.


Sarah Anne said...

Welcome back. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, more blogging from Maya! :D That must be just plain AWESOME to say "This is MY book, the one I wrote." SO cool. :D

And I totally second what you say at the end, about blogging! There are so many hidden yet wonderful treasures in blogging, especially when reading friends' blogs (that REALLY cheers me up and makes my day when I'm feeling down). :D

Beth Kephart said...

Welcome back, my dear.