June 21, 2009


dear daddy,

thank you for
dropping me off at & bringing me home from school
cooking dinner (sometimes -- but it's always good)
keeping our house at a decent level of cleanliness
always (actually, make that "almost always") taking my side in arguments
all your laughably awful jokes
scaring me (as in really really scaring me!) yesterday
being crazycrazy smart
always being patient when I mess up
being perfectly okay with sappy "I love you!!! Happy Father's Day (or Happy Birthday)! Love, Maya" cards for the past 9? 10? years
having the weirdest (and I honestly mean WEIRDEST) sense of humor
just being you

Somehow, daddies always get pushed to the side. But I will love you forever!


Q said...

Sorry. The weirdest sense of humor was already taken by my daddy, so yours can't have it. :P

Sarah Anne said...

My dad can't be pushed to the side. He's too big. :)

SoftEye said...

Thank you Maya. It means a lot to me. I am very proud of you. You are very talented and gifted. Keep up the good work. Love you.