July 29, 2009

book press

interview at Miss Erin

interview at Seeking Neverland

interview at My Gorgeous Somewhere

interview at Color Online

book review at First Draft: Leonardo Likes Gulls

book review at Suma Subramaniam

book reviews on Goodreads

book review at 5-Squared

book review at Book of Kells

book review at Put Words Together. Make Meaning.

book review at Piper in the Desert

book review at Scraps and Sass

book review at Penciled In Designs

book review at The Zen Leaf

virtual book tour at ReadWritePoem

article in the local newspaper

I'm compiling a list of all the interviews, reviews, and other press. Explore!

Compiling this has made me realize how lucky I am to have received so much positive feedback and so much love from everyone. It's been surprising, and I'm thankful for all the praise I've been given. Thank you so, so, so much. The amount of support...it's just been incredible.

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Odessa said...

hi maya!
just dropping by to say hello and that i'm currently reading (and loving) your book...special thanks to cuileann for letting me borrow hers). hope you're having a great summer.