July 11, 2009

Coming up in a day or two

I know I promised a recap of Tuesday night's American Idols Live! Tour. I know I promised it much much earlier. And I'm still not finished even pasting all the snapshots from the night into a post.

I'm so sorry that it's taking me so long. The concert was two and a half hours, and it was one fantastic experience. It's taking longer than I thought to describe all of it, and my point in talking about it is to give y'all who didn't go (or aren't going) the ultimate idea and experience from behind a computer. It will be complete with pictures, videos, and very, very detailed descriptions of every little thing you missed out on.

Hopefully, it'll feel like you didn't miss out on it at all (even though there's definitely nothing like seeing it yourself and feeling all that manic, crazy, fangirly energy in the stadium). If you want appetizers, head over to Book Crumbs (my sister's blog) for a shorter, briefer version. Although we are using several of the same pictures, you'll get a general idea of the whole night.

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Priya said...

That was an awesome night, wasn't it? :P Thanks for linking me!