August 28, 2009

news flash

Check this out! There's only one spot open, so hurry hurry!

I'm also going to be featured in an anthology -- I've about six pieces in there. From what I've heard it sounds fantastic, so I'd definitely consider getting a copy.

I'm also answering questions for a few interviews, so sometime in the (currently distant) future I should have links to them.


Melissa said...

Congratulations on being featured in the anthology! I can't wait to read it - and the interviews. Definitely keep us updated!

Emily Ruth said...

Maya this is fantastic, congratulations! XD

Dana said...

Maya, I would love to be part of the tour and to interview you for it as my tour contribution. Do you have time to answer some questions for me? Of course, this means I would be taking up the last spot. Hmm. Is that OK?

We could even meet in person -- at the library or something -- if you wanted. Or we can do it through email.

Dana said...

Congrats on the anthology, by the way. *smiles*

Maya Ganesan said...

Melissa & Emily Ruth: thanks!

Dana: that's perfectly fine with me. I'd love to answer questions for you, by the way. :) So will this be the RWP interview you mentioned?

Thanks :) I just dropped off six more copies at Parkplace, so if you're still interested in getting a hard copy in your hands, go ahead. And it would be fun to meet in person; let me know what works for you (preferably weekends). Email me your options and we'll work something out.

Eric said...

This is the StewardHouse anthology, right? I got into it, and I heard you get a contributor's copy if your work's included.