August 30, 2009

niagara falls + washington, d.c. snapshots

captions below the photos.
(new york is coming up next.)

niagara falls, ontario
more snaps of the fallsies.
fyi, the mist from the falls alone is like
stepping into a shower.
the maid of the mist boats. this is the view from the
place in the hotel where we had breakfast.
this is the thingy we went on. it's called the
niagara skywheel, and the gondolas are closed,
climate-controlled, and air conditioned.
how's that for a luxurious view of the falls?

niagara falls lit up at night,
changing into the colors below.
niagara falls lit up at night. (view from skywheel.)
it was fun to come back around to the top and see
that the colors had changed again.
the canadian (horseshoe) falls. (view from our hotel room.)
(that steamy stuff is mist.)
the american & bridal veil (the little one off to the side) falls.
(again, view from our hotel room.)
aww. i love that little guy.
hershey's! the largest hershey store in the world ain't that large.

washington, d.c.
guess who?
lincoln memorial
the eternal flame at the kennedys' grave,
arlington national cemetery
the white house.
the capitol
the washington monument at night
(view from jefferson memorial)
the jefferson memorial
sunset at the jefferson memorial


Q said...

There's something about D.C. that is so beautiful that almost every picture taken there is a good one.

Beth Kephart said...

well that was a pretty grand tour. thank you.

Erin said...

Such amazing pictures...looks like you had an incredible time. :)

Holly said...

The photos of the falls are marvelous.
You and Priya are so cute.

Seagrets said...

The falls are beautiful, and the D.C. photographs are timeless. Thank you for sharing.