October 01, 2009

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Check out Donna Vorreyer's blog for the second stop on the ReadWritePoem virtual book tour for Apologies to an Apple. (Note: the stops have been changed on the tour; the stop at My Gorgeous Somewhere will now be at the end of the tour.)

The first stop on the book tour was at Book of Kells. Kelli reviewed Apologies earlier, and this is her second review. Stop by the link "book press" in the sidebar to find Kelli's initial review.

What I love the most about Twitter is getting incredible news from followers & fellow tweeters. This news is crazy. I'm so humbled. Thank you thank you thank you!

Make sure you read the review of Apologies to an Apple at Savvy Verse and Wit, by poet Serena Agusto-Cox. She's also hosting a giveaway for the book -- deadline is October 9, so hurry hurry!
(She also tweeted about the book and called it "some of the best contemporary poetry" (see the Twitter feed on the sidebar of her blog). In addition, she featured my poem "September" in the 14th Virtual Poetry Circle. Thank you!)
(Re-tweet here. Contest featured at "Win a Book" here.)

More Twitter goodness here. Even the littlest things make such a difference.

This is the cover of the anthology I previously mentioned I was featured in, titled Words Only I Can Speak. 6 of my poems are in the anthology; I now have my contributor's copy and it's incredible. It's a million times better than I thought it would be, and the quality of the work in here is just amazing. They're very, very talented teens. Do check it out -- it's a very lovely collection. You'll enjoy it.


Eric said...

"While they talked/around the campfire,/I was a dreamer./Somewhere a horizon/was waiting."

I think those lines just totally exemplifies what a lot of poets experience at schools and at home- I mean, lots of kids just think poetry's "gay" and is always about unrequited love, broken hearts, and the meaning of life. Meh.

Anyway, nice work with the anthology; you've got a great sense of rhythms and line breaks

by the way, which press published your collection?

angela hardison said...

congrats on the exposure of your work... it's a wonderful feeling and you deserve it all.

Edge said...

Ooh, new layout! I like! :)