November 02, 2009

Collaboration rocks

We are alive.
We sift sand through each other's parted fingers,
grasping at imaginary thoughts that
as we walk through the
shortening days
fearing nothing but
fearfulness, and
the growing nearness of when
the stars stop shining.
We do not fear, for we live
and dream of bursting through our sky blue shell
to drift, bleached logs set to shore,
our hands tipped skyward,
reaching for everything that could be.

Our readers' collaborative poem! Thank you to the 13 folks who participated! I LOVE the poem that came out of everyone's two cents, and I think I'm going to do this again because it was super-fun to see all the one-liners pouring in.

HUGE HUGE thanks to the participants: Dana, Danielle, Myrna, Erin, cuileann, Beth, Q, Debbie, Priya, Georgie, briarcat, Deb, and Emma!


Debbie Barr said...

Lovely! That was really fun. :)

Priya said...


Q said...

I really liked this, too.

Holly said...

It turned out quite nicely!

Danielle said...

Totally sweet! I love it :)

Kirthi said...

That's a beautiful poem! I especially love from "and dream of bursting through out sky blue shell" down. It's amazing!!!

oh and Maya, you've won an award on my blog!

Cassandra said...

How awesome! I just now caught up on my google reader or I would have definitely participated. =D

Sarah Anne said...

Oh, wow. That's really good. Kudos, guys!

Erin said...

Oh, I like it!

Odessa said...

lovely! i wish i learned about it earlier and was able to participate. great job guys! :)

Anonymous said...


Beth Kephart said...

LOVED being a part of this (and love your Erin/Maya poem, too.