June 26, 2010


On Tuesday, we're off to the circus for the Cirque du Soleil production KOOZA! This will be the second Cirque production I've seen, the first being Corteo, which was amazing. 

The thing I love about Cirque du Soleil is how, through everything, without words, the dancers and acrobats are able to communicate and weave a whole story and tell it with such grace and apparent ease. It possesses such an irreplaceable, unsurpassed artistic quality that makes every moment of the performance worthwhile. I'm so excited to be going to KOOZA because it has the same kind of quirky, artistic look and feel to it as Corteo (at least, from the video clips and photos of KOOZA on the Cirque website).

I don't know if photography is allowed inside; I would expect not, but if they're permitted, I'll try to see if photos are possible. Nevertheless, the troupe provides some pics and videos on the site (see the link at the top of the post), if you're interested.


Priya said...

The music is great too. :)

Jessie Carty said...

Have fun! I saw quidam a few tears back and it wa amazing :)