June 04, 2011

Happy (almost) summer!

Hello there! It's starting to feel quite a bit like summer over where I'm at. Although, being a Washington girl inside and out, the seventy-five degree weather is a little too warm for my liking, it's still beautiful. I have a handful of pictures that I'd like to post when I have more free time (after all my final exams are over).

In other news, I'm blogging for the TEDxRedmond site! Feel free to stop by and check it out! The event takes place on September 10, 2011. If you'll be in the area, you can register at www.tedxredmond.com.

Here's to sunshine and beautiful summer days! 


Beth Kephart said...

My dear you would not do well in the swamp that Philly becomes. We cheer at anything below 90 degrees. We are amazed when the humidity leaves us.

Maya Ganesan said...

Oh, wow! Maybe it's just the fact that I've grown up in a place famous for its rain and gray skies...but I am amazed at your ability to handle such heat.