May 14, 2009

Hello, again

-This made me smile today.

-For me, the two things that would probably never intersect in my mind are Twitter and poetry. Surprise surprise -- they already have. Check out Twitter's "build-a-poem" interface, called "Twitter Magnets," and it's pretty much a collection of words that you put together to prompt a poem or put one together. For a new selection of words, you just hit "swap words" and it gives you new words to add to your poem. What does Twitter call it? "A delicate push."

-Can you wait for this book to be out? I know I can't.

-I realized yesterday that I don't like Jason Mraz.

-I'm the runner-up in this contest. I'm perfectly happy with being a runner-up because I love the prize and am completely excited about getting that galley in my mailbox. :)

-And the Idol finale next week has me excited. So does chocolate.


Q said...

I kind of want one of those galleys, too... But I'm super ecstatic to have actually won. :D

Erin said...

Who are you cheering for on Idol?

Odessa said...

maya, we might have a problem here. haha. i LOVE jason mraz, long before he sang "I'm Yours" when he was just singing at coffee shops and writing brilliant blogs.

so, um, why don't you like him? ;)

Holly said...

^hehe, saw that coming, odessa!

chocolate is ALWAYS good cause for excitement.

Maya Ganesan said...

Odessa -- I was going to edit the post with apologies to you ;), but I think I'm just not a fan of his voice. *hides* HUGE apologies to you, but I somehow don't find his music too appealing.

Odessa said...

oh maya, you're so sweet. don't worry about it, i was just teasing you. he's not everyone's cup of tea. he's definitely so much better live and in a small venue :)

have a great weekend!