August 06, 2009

headed for the east/i've packed my bags

i'm leaving for the east coast tomorrow morning. i believe i'm going to have internet access from over there, so i'll be able to check my email, blog, tweet, etc. i can't upload pictures from the east, so i don't want to post picture-less recaps of each day. instead i'll blog short bits and pieces when i can: longer than tweets but shorter than typical posts.

i'm so excited. i'll get to visit nyc and the world's largest hershey store, which is going to be absolutely amazing.

anyway, while i'm chilling on the plane tomorrow, enjoy the interview i did with lisa ann sandell. cheers!


January said...

Enjoy the trip. I used to live in NYC and I din't know there was a big Hersey store there. Very cool.

If you love books, and I think you do, look for The Strand bookstore in the Village.

anilee said...

Have fun! I <3 NYC!

And Hershey. (It's an hour away from where I live.)

And ditto January. If you get a chance, head to the Strand. It's like heaven.

Sarah Anne said...

Have tons of fun!

Riley Griffin said...

Where are you going?