January 24, 2009

The best place to sing is the garage.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my previous post; it was amazing to read them. And thank you Odessa for the shout-out.

I've decided that the best place to sing your heart out is in the garage. And it's the best place to work. It's cold, quiet, and separate from everyone else. Plus, you'll be surrounded by shoes.

I finished reading through Apologies to an Apple, cover-to-cover, and it's perfect. I love it. It'll be available for purchase at my website soon. Stay tuned.

And Emily Ruth, I'll post up pics soon. Promise.


Nikki Carson (Katie) said...


This is a nice post. I just posted a poem inspired from your poetry challenge!


Priya said...

I prefer the shower, but I guess the garage works as well (as long as you have a nice warm jacket). :)

Q said...

I like singing when no one can hear me. It's not that I mind people listening so much, it's just that I'm more comfortable alone. And I can sing really loud and no one will notice, because no one is there!

Anonymous said...

Also there are great acoustics in the garage. When my church was being remodeled a few months back there were many empty large rooms that my friends and I would go to and dim the lights and just sing... It was great ;)

Maya Ganesan said...

Priya & Q -- Showers are nice, too. But I prefer garages, 'cause then you can sit.

Danielle -- the next time I'm alone in the garage, I'll see.

Emily Ruth said...

hehe... :)
You better!

Maya Ganesan said...

I took them, I just haven't gotten a chance to upload them. Which is the pain.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Best wishes for your new book. Here's to great songs and many happy dances.

Maya Ganesan said...

Oh, thank you, Vivian!