January 26, 2009

It's been a few days since I posted.

I haven't had a chance to upload pictures yet, but the book should be available for purchase in two-ish days. It depends on when we can get to the post office.

To pass the time, here's a screenshot of my desktop background.

My favorite quote ever is from my dad. He said, "Human life is like a factory," and that phrase has stuck in my head and is officially my favorite quote. It's so true.

People are up round the clock, driving, going places...life really is a factory. Or, a wheel that never stops spinning.


Beth Kephart said...

You are something else, Miss Maya!

I work in a cold space, too. It keeps one awake, invigorated.

Anonymous said...

You really are talented, Maya!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice quote and picture. :)

Maya Ganesan said...


Nikki Carson (Katie) said...


I am so glad that you are posting more on your blog. Your archives are lengthing greatly!


Priya said...

Maya, I've tagged you.

Nikki Carson (Katie) said...


You are one of three people I can tag. Just look at my blog for more details.


Michelle said...

Yup, so true