January 03, 2009

Time To Take Control

I took this one (you can see my arm reaching out the side of the photo) on the 29th or something. I felt super-guilty that I wasn't writing or preparing submissions. Oh well.

So I've decided that, for 2009, I'm going to submit more, stop taking pictures of myself at 9:30 pm just because, and try to write more. I haven't written much ever since I finished writing for Apologies to an Apple.

Now I'm mainly working on submissions while Apologies comes out. I'll probably put together the next manuscript later in the year or sometime next year using poems I've submitted. On the poetry front, I'm looking at a busy year.


Sherry said...

It does take so much discipline to write, doesn't it? Good for you to work so hard.

My son helped me figure out my settings so now there are feeds for my blog. Thanks for reminding me of the problem.

Happy New Year!

Holly said...

It's so crazy that you've been published (your own book even) at your age. I have trouble getting my head around that...

Maya Ganesan said...

Sherry - it does! I've got writer's block, which makes it so much harder. I can never seem to finish anything once I start.

cuileann - I know! It feels rather surreal to me, too...

January said...

Beautiful photo!

Keep taking pictures, or blogging, or whatever you do to distract yourself from writing. I believe that downtime is just as valuable as putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Once again, congrats on your book!

Emily Ruth said...

you published a book? Eleven?!
I'm so jealous right now :)
That's freaking awesome!

Maya Ganesan said...

January - I thought I looked quite sleepy in that photo, actually. I love relaxation/down time, but I haven't written much lately, and I feel like I should be writing at least a couple of words.

Emily Ruth - :) Shall I help you up? Thank you so so much!

Odessa said...

happy new year Maya! and yes, i echo others' comments, publishing a book at 11 is no small feat. i wish i can say the same for myself. so yeah, take it easy. allow yourself to have some down time.

p.s. your new blog title and new format looks good!