January 20, 2009

Speaking of poems...

Danielle posted an amazing one up at her blog yesterday. Never knew she was this good.


She took the suitcase -
the dark blue one
from its place on the bottom.
Loud voices. Tears. Crash.
Five minutes later she was gone.
Where her clothes would hang
and fall
on the floor of the closet
are shadows
that whisper her name,
sounding out notes
that remind me.
Transparent contours
light and airy
are a fleeting memory.
I shut it out.
Close my eyes.
Small gasping breaths.
In out, in out.
Only my ears remain.
Listening, hearing.
Block it out.
CD’s, and useless chatter fill the air…
I run until I too am gone.

reprinted with permission


Emily Ruth said...

mmm I love it
I can see everything so well

Maya Ganesan said...

Oh I know! 'Tis amazing.