April 13, 2010

NaPoWriMo #13

"Worlds are being told like beads." -Norman Dubie

Like Beads

Your story is spelled out
in pools of rain. Your world is being
told like beads and you know.
You trace shapes in the water,
spring leaves nearby find
their liquidy twins under your hands,
and your fingertips find cool, soggy
earth at the bottom. You rub mud on
your jeans the way I like to,
making yourself part of this universe
and you know you belong in the
big, big world,
something we all tried to do, too.
You're one of us now, and you're
one in the world,
with your story spelled out in
accumulated puddles of fresh early-spring
water from heavy clouds.
Worlds are being told like beads,
mine and yours and everyone else's,
and we all know,
the same way we all know
we belong in the big, big world.

Over at RWP, the prompt is to use a line from Norman Dubie and title the poem "Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie." However, I don't like being put in a box poem-wise, no matter what, so of course I didn't play along with that title...and I like mine better.

The quote was pretty intriguing, so I used it both as an epigraph and as a line in the piece, and the poem overall just explores the whole wide big big world and one person's attempt to find their niche in it; it also touches on how the lives of completely different people can sometimes parallel each other. I like it, but I think the beginning is stronger...again, another piece with some potential but not a brilliant one for a day that's supposed to be lucky.

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Jessie Carty said...

i'd have to agree with your assessment on this one. i have tried to weave lines from my favorite writers into poems before but making someone else's words your own? tricky!