April 08, 2010

NaPoWriMo #8


As a little girl, I didn't
know what I could be.
Nobody knew.
I remember that summer in
the farmhouse in Tennessee,
the one where I learned to
play guitar. I melted in the
sun and took cold showers and
ate too many popsicles.
Life back then was a map uncharted,
unpredictable like a tangle of
overgrown wild roses.
It still is.
I'll never forget that.

Needs revision, but it's got potential. It was partly inspired by Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me," which is one of my favorite songs.


Sarah Anne said...

What do you plan to revise? It looks good to me. :) <3

Jessie Carty said...

i'd like to see a little more description. maybe of the farm house or the way the guitar felt...hmm

Maya Ganesan said...

@Georgie: I feel like the story isn't complete, like there's more to tell but I'm just restraining myself. It was written in a hurry, and there definitely are some lines I would like to pull...it needs some work for sure.

@Jessie: Yeah, I was thinking about that. It's a really loose draft, so after April when I get cracking on the revision there will be some pretty major changes to this piece if I decide to revise it at all - I think I might take a few of the good lines in this and use them elsewhere. Thanks for your constructive criticism, though!