April 30, 2010

NaPoWriMo #30

Texas Gratitude

Rusty sunlight
in my hair and a three-sixty
of yellow-green grass.

A good morning.

Every heartbeat
is a stretching tide,

the sound tangles
in the open grass and
places left behind.

I fold wasted maps
into paper airplanes.

They set sail,
headed for sky,
headed home

heavy with crossouts and

I find notes in my pocket
full of cities,

Nashville, Seattle,

I start a new beginning
and a brand-new ending.

I can't believe I just made it through April writing a poem a day. It has been so much fun and such a cool experience for me, and I come away from the month with many potential-filled drafts. Congratulations to everyone who has pulled through the month successfully as well, including my sister, a first-time NPWM-er! If you didn't stop by her blog throughout April to see what lovely poetry she's been writing, you really should -- it's so worth your time.

On a sadder note, ReadWritePoem is leaving! Today was its last day as a fully-functioning social networking and poetry site, and RWP has left such a footprint on the world of online poetry sharing that I'm sure there will be sites to fill the gap but nothing quite as big. Big Tent Poetry has started up, and it's worth a look around as well, although it's fairly new and expanding day by day...it looks quite promising and I think BTP might just cover up the gap -- after all, it does sport many of the same team members/staff.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who's commented this month and provided encouragement and support! I really appreciate it!  


Myrna Foster said...

This poem is my favorite of yours for this month. Thanks for sharing them!

Priya said...

All of your poems this month were great, Maya!

Beth Kephart said...

You are an inspiration, Maya. You had a quiet spell, and then you erupted with so much that is good. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I loved the mental image this poem provoked. So carefree and fun and hopeful. Congrats on writing a poem everyday this month. That couldn't have been easy. But well worth the effort I must say. I was reading back through some of your older posts and wow. Definitely an inspiration.

Cynthia said...

Brava! The poems I've read of
yours are thoughtful and clean.

Maya Ganesan said...

Thanks, everyone!

Just said...

Congratulations on managing a poem a month! No mean feat by any stretch of the imagination!

Unknown said...

this is pure, breathing genius. thank you, thank you for sharing.

Erin said...

Yay, Maya!!

So, I'm curious: did you find NaPoWriMo harder, easier, or about the same, the second time around?

Maya Ganesan said...

@Just/@Jenica: Thank you!

@Erin: It was definitely easier the second time around, and the poems came a lot more naturally than last year. Last April, I struggled so much for a good majority of the poems, but this year, I struggled way less.

Maya Ganesan said...

p.s. @Erin: Does this mean you're thinking about doing it next year? I hope so!

Edge said...

Love the last line! :D

emily said...

Congrats on finishing! I got to say, I think this one is my favourite.

Jessie Carty said...

what a great way to end the month :)

Bindhu Unny said...

Nice lines. And congrats for completing the NaPoWriMo. I intended to do it but didn't even start. :)

Sherry said...

This has rhythm and soul to die for.